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Spitz Incorporated specializes in planetarium theaters, projection domes, architectural domes and custom immersive theater attractions. Since 1945, Spitz has provided more dome theater and planetarium installations than any other company in the world. Spitz is the world's leading projection dome supplier with over 1,200 installations. Our architectural services include engineering and complete installation of custom, spherical structures. Spitz' unique scope of projects includes museums, schools, theme parks, simulators, casinos and diverse architectural structures. Spitz' reputation for innovation, technical expertise and customer service is unparalleled.

Spitz Inc is the world leader in projection domes with over 1,200 installations worldwide. Spitz projection domes are used for planetariums, large format film, simulators and themed attractions. Spitz is the choice of the most discriminating customers. Prestigious clients such as The Griffith Observatory, Disney, Imax, Zeiss, Universal Studios and Volkswagen choose Spitz for their quality and unmatched surface characteristics. Spitz' strict attention to detail results in superior optical performance, dome acoustics, structural strength and tolerances compared to other dome manufacturers.

Spitz' superior domes are the choice of the most discriminating planetarium clients because of our unparalleled quality and customer support. Spitz delivers a projection surface unmatched by any other dome provider. Spitz' proprietary surface coating is uniform in color and reflectivity. The epoxy powder-coat surface is extremely durable and remains perfect after numerous cleanings, providing longer life than painted screens. Spitz offers Dome Cleaning services to remove dust buildup. A clean, bright surface ensures the highest possible image quality.

Spitz dome engineering includes design, manufacturing and installation of catwalks and rotating ladder systems. Spitz provides custom engineering services. Spitz engineers work closely with planners, architects and contractors to assure quality in planning, design and construction. HVAC placement, outer wall finishing, dome structure support, and fire code requirements are all considered in the dome installation.

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