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Evans & Sutherland is the world’s first computer graphics company and has a four decade history of developing compelling visual images and advanced computer graphics technology. In 1968, University of Utah Professors David Evans and Ivan Sutherland founded Evans & Sutherland to explore and develop computer graphics technology and real-time training simulation systems. In fact E&S invented computer graphics and founded an entire industry. E&S is comprised of a very talented group of individuals who have, over the years, gone on to successfully advance the computer graphics industry founding companies and programs such as Adobe Systems Incorporated, Pixar Animation Studios, SGI, Netscape, and WebMD.

For over 40 years, E&S has been at the forefront of developing real-time computer graphics systems for training simulators and other visual applications. A majority of the world’s commercial airline pilots have been trained on E&S visual systems which have also been used by the military and department of homeland security. E&S has continued to be on the leading edge of planetarium development, and over the past 25 years has continued to expand the capabilities of the digital planetarium while making it easier to use through a point and click user interface. Digistar 5 represents today’s pinnacle of innovation in digital planetarium systems, offering users a Universe of Possibilities to explore. Digistar 5 features a revolutionary graphical user interface that offers users the power to drag and drop objects from the extensive library of models and graphics directly onto the dome. Digistar 5 also incorporates our patent-pending Spherical 3D™ technology that surrounds audiences with stereoscopic imagery all around the dome, even in the back of the dome. The system is also built on open architecture, allowing users to import and visualize 3Ddatasets from virtually any source, making Digistar 4 more flexible than any other digital planetarium system.

E&S is also the world’s leading producer and distributor of fulldome shows. For over a decade E&S has produced a steady stream of fulldome feature shows on topics from astronomy to earth sciences, from children’s programs to science fiction. A number of our shows have won International awards and are currently playing in planetariums around the world. In addition to the 20 shows produced in-house, E&S represents and distributes nearly 50 shows from third-party fulldome producers. In 2008, E&S did the world’s first fulldome transfer of a giant screen 15/70 film and is continuing to add more giant screen films to its distribution library

Today, in addition to the Digistar line of planetarium visual systems, Evans & Sutherland offers fulldome show production services, theater audio and lighting systems, premium-quality projection domes, and theater design services in addition to the E&S Laser Projector, the world’s highest resolution video projection system.

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