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Scope of Services

  • Master Planning, Project Management, Technical Services & Operational Planning
  • Creative, Scripting, Concept and design Development
  • Themed Architectural Design
  • Attractions, Shows, Events and Media Production
  • Supply, Installation, Commissioning, show production, operation and maintenance of all products we deal in.

Infovision is based in Mumbai, India with service centres in Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Surat, Nasik, Rampur, Gorakhpur and Chennai. These centres are equipped with all essential spare parts required for servicing of Digistar system. We specialize in the development and construction of targeted concepts for Digital Planetariums, theme parks, water Laser Shows, entertainment, edutainment attractions, museums, Science Galleries, Science Exhibits, aquariums, and leisure tourism destinations.

Infovision has a team of more than more than 25 qualified technical staff having experience in the field of Planetarium. The engineers are trained by Evans & Sutherland USA. Infovision team is also being used for installation and maintenance of Digistar system in other countries. Infovision also offers show production services. Two fully equipped production studios in India conceptualize and deliver customized Planetarium shows.

In association with LEC, Infovision specializes in the development and construction of targeted concepts for theme parks, water parks, entertainment, edutainment attractions, museums and leisure tourism destinations.

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